Rev. Jack Rudy is an ordained minister in the City of Light Spiritualist Church in Lily Dale, NY.   An ordained Priest in the Order of Melchizedek at the Sanctuary of the Beloved in Conesus, NY.  He has been speaking with those in Spirit since he was a child.

Jack, in addition to being a proud father and grandfather; is a Medium, Spiritualist Counselor, Healer, Lecturer and teacher who has taught and spoke at many different venues both nationally and internationally.  A member of the Lily Dale Medium's League, he has chaired, spoken and given message throughout many seasons at Lily Dale.  

Retired from Chautauqua County, and in 2013, after 20 years as serving as President of the Jamestown Central Labor Council, and Executive Board of the Western New York Area Labor Federation AFL/CIO Jack retired completely. 

He continues to teach, council and guide those that are are on their Spiritual journey.  Helping those who wish to rise the ladder of success is one of his greatest joys.   An avid hunter and fisherman - he finds that he is closest to God in those moments than any other place. 

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