Monday, March 22, 2021

Is fear stopping you from meeting your tribe?

This is an interesting thought... Why does fear stop people from making friends?  Let's talk about some of the fears out there.   I have seen that happen more than once.  
  • Fear of rejection from those around you for befriending someone the group does not approve of. 
  • Fear that the person may not like you back.
  • Fear that you will fail at another friendship
  • Fear of the unknown - they are not anything like those that are your friends now.
  • Fear of being judged for liking the person that everyone else seems to dislike for one reason or another.
  • Fear of getting hurt - especially if others in the past have let you down.  Trusting someone new in your life can be a challenge.
  • Fear of inadequacy - that you are not good enough to be the person's friend.
What if I told you that other person may be feeling exactly the same fears you have?   What if in reaching out to that person you change their life forever for the better along with your own.

Friday, March 19, 2021

What walls are you going to break down?

Sometimes we build walls which we feel will protect us from some situation, only to find they have become a prison.  
The hard part now is how do dismantle this prison we have built.  It depends on the courage we have to start removing each brick. The task at hand is a matter of determination and how bad we want to over come our situation.
 Be Bold  Have Faith You Can Do It!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What is a Strong Person?

The strongest people are those that have faced great disappointments, and have shed lots of tears.  It is in how they carry on after those moments that show their strength.
Wipe those tears and carry on.   Feel the fear, push on.   You can do it!