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Smile at everyone!

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Life's Stages

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Psychic Fair Warning!

So you are an aspiring Medium and you think you want to do a show or two.   It is a great opportunity for you to share your gift with others looking for your services.

I am going to warn you about what is going on and I may piss off a few people out there.  There are a few bad apples out there and they are spoiling the entire lot.  I am tired of those praying on Metaphysical community and I am not alone.   There seem to be more and more of these events, and from what I see they are giving everyone in the Metaphysical community a bad reputation. 

It has been a disastrous weekend for myself and several of us that work area Psychic Fairs.    This has been a year of bad experiences for everyone.   The readers, the vendors and ultimately those that attend these events.   For the first time in my career as a Medium, I have walked out of an event half way through a day.

Event after event over the past year I have made a decision -- never again.   The list of fairs that I will work has been reduced to less than a handful.   Too many that are running these events are ruled by greed and desperation others are incompetent in running an event.   The energy that surrounds these events are toxic at best.    Asking Readers to pay $50-$500 for an event.    Yes you read that correctly.

Problems I have encountered with events:

  • It is an event that is percentage split for the readings, but they take weeks to pay out.
  • After paying a large table fee, you are required to charge an excessive rate for the area, making it impossible to earn enough to pay the table fee.
  • At the event you find that they have done inadequate marketing.
  • It is a percentage event and they direct readings to the preferred group of Mediums.  
    • I have personally seen this happen at an event, someone asks for Mary Smith they shuffle a few papers and say sorry she is all booked up what about Jane Doe.   I think, great for Mary Smith, walk back , see she doesn't have anyone at her table stop and talk to Mary and she has yet to have a reading.
  • The event is limited to the students of the promoter to give the students experience and it is not promoted that way
  • Those that run the event are not ethical, it is about the money not creating the Spiritual Experience many are seeking.
  • There are too many readers for the venue - most events 6-8 Readers is sufficient, let's say the table fee is $100 for readers and $125 for vendors - they will squeeze in 13-20 Readers with 25 or so vendors.   
    • You quickly do the math -- there are monies for advertising and marketing up front.  
      • If the hall rental is $500 there is profit in just selling Vendor and Reader Spots.  
      • This is even before you take into account the entrance fee which can range from $5-15 a person.
I do a lot of preparation and I personally promote each event that I work on.  It is frustrating that I have done the larger amount of promotion than the person running the event.    It has happened more than one time in the past year and we as Metaphysical professionals must take control before more damage is done to us as a whole.

I only work for the highest and best.  If you want to do good in life, this is important way to function.   If you think you would like to do a Psychic Fair you should ask the following questions before deciding to participate:
  • What is the expected number of attendees
  • What is the entrance fee for attendees
  • Is there a set rate of fees to charge?
  • How many Readers are going to be at an event?
  • Do they require you to donate an item for a raffle?  If so, who benefits from the proceeds of that raffle?
  • What advertising and promotional efforts is the organizer doing?
    • Do they have promotional items for you to use?
    • What advertising/promotional efforts are you requesting from participants?
  • How many years have you been running Fairs?   What is the percentage of repeat participation?
  • Who are the other readers?  
    • Start calling them and asking about their experiences!
  • What types of vendors are you accepting?   Are you limiting the type and number?
  • Is there a fee for readers table?   Are you doing a split with readers?
    • If yes, what is it?  If there is a split, what is it?
    • Who is booking readings?  
    • How are readers paid?
  • What is the policy about eating/drinking on the floor?
  • Is there a refund policy?
  • What happens if there is inclement weather?
Other things you should consider before agreeing to partake in one of these events:
  • What is happening in the area (are there any major events going on to compete with the Psychic Fair -- graduations or homecoming for example)
  • What is happening in the world (Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Mother's Day and other holidays etc may affect attendance)

What to look for in a well run Psychic Fair:

  • Limited number of Readers and an emphasis on variety which ensures that there are ample opportunities for everyone to be successful
  • Readers do not pay a table fee, they pay a percentage of what they earn, the fair sells tickets for readings and at the end of the event Readers turn in the tickets and they are paid a percentage of each reading.  
    • Readers are paid day of -- CASH.
    • This is generally a 70/30 split so expect to make 70% of each reading.  
    • It may seem high but it also ensures that the person running the event has skin in the game.   They do not make money unless you do.  Guarantees better advertising/promotion to get people in the door.
  • Limited and exclusive vendors, many fairs limit so there is only one of each type of vendor creating an exclusivity to being part of the event.  
  • Advertising that you can see, promotional materials provided to you.   Social Media blasts from the person running the event sharing who will be there.
  • Great communication from the time you commit to doing the event right through after the event is over.
    • What is expected from you and what they provide in written format -- a contract!
    • Contact information clearly shared
    • Social Media interaction with all participants building up a cross promotion for the event and participants
I hope this will help you and save you from being victimized by those charlatans out there.   If you are reading this and are thinking of attending one of the many fairs that are out there, I hope this gives you some insight to how to select one to attend.   

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Your Angels are listening

                      You just need to follow their directions.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Isn't this the truth....

                                    Your time starts now !!