Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Give what you get...

You never know what is going to be an identifier when you are working with Spirit.  
Every time you need to trust spirit and give what you are given.   No matter how strange, obscure or odd it may seem.  It isn't meant for you, It is for the person the message is meant for it will resonate.
Trust me what you are getting will make no sense whatsoever to you -- it may even perplex you.   Remember to take yourself out of it and just give what you get.  Let it flow through you.
Let me give you an example of a situation that happened to me at the Stump at Lily Dale some time ago.  The message I have long forgotten that I gave to the woman.  I will never forget the identifier... a parakette that felt it necessary to only say the word "Sh*t" and it was a persistent little thing.

It would march back and forth in front of me saying "Sh*t. Sh*t, Sh*t". I would run it off and it would return, time and time again. I finally heard someone coming down the path to the Stump, It was Dr. Neal and he was chairing.  He asked if I was there to work and I told him I was. As he wrote down my info, I told him about the parakette. Neal told me not to worry about it as the first time that served at Forrest Temple he had a parrot and no one would would take it.

I was the first medium Dr. Neal called to serve. After my prayer I stated "I usually don't work like this but can anybody take a blue parakeete, it's language isn't the best."  A young lady raised her hand and I told that there was a gentelman  with the bird. and gave her the message.

After the service she told me that that was her bird and that she had been trying to teach it to say "Sh*t" and it would say is "Shoos".  I then assured her that he had learned it perfectly!

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