Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sharing the journey with others...

A friend of mine recently shared why she writes to share her experiences with others.   She inspired me to share my experiences as well.  
Some times Mediumship isn't about giving a message to a specific person.   Some times it is leaving the breadcrumb for someone to make their life better.  Inspire them to explore and find their own truth.  
There is a segment of Mediumship that is about inspirational talks and writing.   They are just as powerful as giving a message to someone from a loved one that has passed on.   Sometimes even more powerful because they can affect the lives of many.
If you have found this breadcrumb and it helps you smile today; well then, I have done my job. 
My story is not that extraordinary but something that I have learned along the way, may just make your life easier.   So I share things that inspire me, make me smile and that I feel the need to share.   I may never know who it is important to, but I have faith that in sharing my journey that it will help someone else.  

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