Monday, April 18, 2016

Around Lily Dale - Inspiration Stump

I don't get out to the Stump all that often anymore.   It is a place of peace and love.   It's a lovely walk through the woods to get to this sacred place.   A place many have come before me and will long after I am gone.   
Giving messages here is very special.  Being in this space with others is a powerful experience, but being here alone has a special meaning.   It is no wonder that so many come here to connect to Spirit.  

I want to share my first experience with you about this place. When I got there the seats were almost full with wonderful folks all hoping to receive a message from Spirit, just as I was. The energy was electric.
Each Medium that was called to serve brought messages of Love and Healing and you could feel that Love as many brushed a tear from their eye. As I sat there and soaked up that wonderful energy I wondered if I could do this. Well a couple of years later I did and many time since.

Each and everyone of us have to face the challenges of Life as they are presented to us. Whether it be the very first time that we give a message at The Stump or any of the ordinary things that are given to us each day. We all need to believe in ourselves and the abilities that God gave us.

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