Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Meals on Wheels Fundraising

At the beginning of the summer we had an idea -- let's raise some money for the Sinclairville Meals on Wheels program that does great good and could use additional monies to help them get a much needed new van to deliver those meals.

They are currently deliver meals to shut ins with 3 vans and cover a very large area here in Chautauqua County.  One of those vans is on it's "last leg".  The Sinclairville 76er's do the preparing and delivering of the meals as well as provide a senior nutritional site.  This is all done with volunteers and donations.

Whisper at the Whiskey was born with the efforts of myself, Kim Coon (owner of Whiskey Hill Saloon) and several talented Mediums.  These Mediums took time from their lives to give back to those who help others.

Kim offered her place of business so we could accomplish this.  A huge Thank You to all who participated.   The $250 we raised will help with their goal of a new van.

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