Friday, June 24, 2016

July 2016 Area Speakers - Spiritualist Churches

Lily Dale Season

Church of the Living Spirit - Lily Dale and  Lily Dale Spiritualist Church  alternate hosting the 10:30am  Sunday Service in the Auditorium.

Date                  Speaker                                Medium                           
July 3                Tom Rugani                         Gretchen Clark
July 10              Roy Montgomery                 Lisa Williams
July 17              Albert Batten                        Beverly Batten
July 24              MK Roland                           B. Anne Gehman
July 31              Gretchen Clark                     Cindy Pirog

Independent Spiritualist Churches 

City of Light Spiritualist Church - Lily Dale  July 31 - 5:30pm

July 3 Colleen Kulikowski
July 10 Jack Rudy - Medium's Sunday
July 17 Michael Hronas
July 24 No Church - Fellowship Picnic - Presque Park, Shelter 2
July 31TC Kendall
Spiritualist Society of Burlington 10:30am
July 3  Rev. Sheila Black, Georgetown
July 10 Rev. TC Kendall, Copetown
July 17  Rev. James Kinnear, Oakville
July 24  Rev. Doug Eyre, London
July 31  Dennis Cooper, Caledon
Fellowships of the Spirit - Lily Dale 6:00pm
July 3  Rev. Tammarishka Kerman
July 10 Mark Thomas
July 17
July 24
July 31
Light of Truth Church - Williamsville

No Services July or August

 National Spiritualist Association of Churches

First Spiritualist Temple of East Aurora 10:30am
July 3 Cheryl Ziccardi
July 10  Mary Oakley
July 17
July 24
July 31 Lucinda Wilson

Plymouth Spiritualist Church - Rochester 10:30am
July 3         Monica Coppolat
July 10      Tracy Lee Murphy
July 17      Eric Gilbert-Moore
July 24      Pamela S. Hawkins
July 31      Marilyn Awtry

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