Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Respecting Others Beliefs

I have been around a few years.   I have learned a few things along the way.   I don't always agree with everyone.  I am known to be a little opinionated.  I say my peace.  
Respecting others beliefs is important.   I have learned the Universe does not revolve around me.   There are a few people are in for a surprise when they discover that truth.
Over the years I have met many people in my travels.   Those that are the hard core religious types that cannot respect someone else's beliefs are the most difficult to get along with.  
Spiritual people, the truly Spiritual that is, can accept that there are other ways of thinking.   They may not agree with it, but they respect the other persons beliefs and move on with their daily lives.
You see folks, there is room for more than one way of thinking.   If we all practiced RESPECT a little more, we may all be a lot happier.  Each of us have different paths along the way.  These paths intersect and cross as we grow.   One of the hardest lessons people have to learn is the Universe does not revolve around oneself.

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