Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Patience -- a message I keep giving people the most

Patience is often said to be a virtue.  Fishing has taught me a few things about being patient.   You must sit and wait for the fish to find your bait and then wait for the exact right moment to reel it in.  Often the success is in the preparation for one's goals.   In doing so you must wait for the outcome, trusting that all you have done in the preparation will result in the desired result.
Patience is a message that I have been giving to a lot of people lately.   My friend Colleen it seems I remind her regularly about it.   I have noticed the number of times I give this message lately.   It seems that women get this message more often then men.   It is interesting that consistently women have more problem with this then men.
Life is not about everything that you get in life, it’s more about the memories you make and the things you learn along the way.   If you were to get everything when you wanted, you would miss out on so many of the memories.  Often the sweetest memories are those that you had to wait and pray for.

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