Saturday, March 19, 2016

One of the Greatest Joys -- Being A Mentor

So often in this Spiritual community we see EGO take over people.  I see it every day.   The fact that people who serve think they are more important than the service they provide.
Recently I have taken the role of Mentor to several wonderful people.  They had been mentored by others that found their abilities a threat to their own.   These mentors some how forgetting that we are all one.  What one achieves, we all achieve.  

Each person I have mentored is special in their own right.  Each face challenges in their development that I have been able to help them remove the obstacles. Obstacles placed in front of them because someone else was threatened by their gift.  As if they will lose something by allowing the other to shine.

Over the years I have seen several of those that I have mentored be Ordained by Rev. Dan Chesbro.  They all serve Spirit. 

Spirit brought them to me because early on I experienced such resistance.  Spirit knows I will relish in their advancements.   I challenge all those who are perusing Spirituality to not forget and help each other along the way.   Serve Spirit with love.  Remember at one time we are a student, another we are a teacher.


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