Thursday, August 25, 2016

Something to think about....

I heard a "TELLING" taught to me   I want to share it with you....

When I was young I saw a Drunk passed out on the Street
He could have been anyone anywhere
The Elder put 10 dollars into his shirt pocket
I asked the "ELDER" I was escorting to an event
HOW could you give that "DRUNK 10 bucks?
He will just use it for booze?

The Elder said to me so by giving this man you do not know 10 dollars I have feed your preconceived notions.   You are my escort for a reason and here is the lesson for you.   I know this man and he has had a very rough life.   He lost his family.  He lost everything he held dear.  He probably drinks to forget his pain.

I gave him the 10 bucks in the hope that when he awakens he will grab a hot meal and perhaps someone like you will meet him and buy him a coffee and perhaps if you are lucky enough he will share his story...

Later that day I ran into this man and hearing the Elders words I did buy him a coffee, and we sat and talked....  He talked about finding 10 dollars in his pocket that morning as he Prayed to the Creator for a sign to get healthy and he wished for some food when he awoke.

I was shocked at how such a simple act of kindness by my Elder had unimagined consequences to such a foolish man as me and the person that had received the 10 dollars. I shared with him some contact numbers to get help and said it was nice to meet him and wished him well on his journey.

A few months later I again saw this man when he came to renovate my friends house. As I watched him work I saw the pride he took in his work and asked him Why?  He answered that to work with his hands is a reflection of his character and so he tries to do the best job that he can.   He told me of how one simple act a few months before helped him turn his life around. 

After he was done we smudged and I thought as the smoke rose to the sky. I learned a valuable lesson to not judge a man .... as we all have our story and we can all be the change

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