Monday, February 8, 2016

Serving as Lily Dale Chairperson - 2:30pm Auditorium Service - July 24 - July 2

Daily Auditorium Services

The Auditorium is a historic part of Lily Dale and has been the scene of many remarkable events. Built in 1883, it is the center of activities during the summer season.
Each afternoon, seven days a week, there is a service in the Auditorium featuring a speaker and a clairvoyant from 2:30-3:30pm.

Again this year I am honored to be the chairperson for the:

June 24th to July 2

June 24Jack RudyCarol GasberLynne Forget
June 25Jack RudyRon SkowronskiBrenda Hawkins
June 26Jack RudyJames KinnearTammarishka Kerman
June 27Jack RudyJoseph ShielBonnie Woods
June 28Jack RudyJan CookeTeresa Schaeffer
June 29Jack RudyJohn WhiteEllen Bourn
June 30Jack RudyJames BarnumGreg Kehn
July 1Jack RudySara SachsKristen Richard
July 2Jack RudyRon RobertsonSusan Barnes

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